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iQuiz games

iQuiz is an iPod game that allows users to play customized games on some iPods. This provides a good way of interactive learning for people with an iPod.

These customized quizzes, which can be composed of multiple choice or true/false questions, are created using a free program called iQuiz Maker.

Hundreds of iQuiz are available and shared at iQuizShare. Some of these quizzes are about fun trivia, some are about scientific topics and some about educational topics. Whatever they are, you can download them and play on your iPod.

Not all iPods will allow you to play iQuiz games. iQuiz will only work on the following iPods:

  • iPod Video (fifth generation iPod Classic)
  • iPod Classic (sixth generation iPod classic)
  • third generation iPod Nano

If you have other models of iPod or a non-Apple “iPod”, you cannot install and play iQuiz.

Not to fear- you can log onto iQuizShare and play the iQuiz games online!

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